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YLL Fashion is involved in the complete process of designing, manufacturing, and globally distributing clothing brands, each catering to diverse women's styles, ensuring uniqueness and specialization in every collection

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Brands Fashion

Designing Fashion Brands

At YLL Fashion, we specialize in crafting unique and captivating fashion brands. Our team of talented designers works diligently to create clothing lines that resonate with diverse tastes and preferences, ensuring a perfect blend of style and comfort for our customers.

International Wholesale


YLL Fashion takes pride in its robust global presence through international wholesale distribution. We collaborate with retailers and partners worldwide, ensuring our fashion brands reach every corner of the globe. 

YLL Atelier

Apparel Manufacturing

We are a company dedicated to clothing manufacturing and creating exclusive designs tailored to your brand. Our expertise lies in bringing your unique ideas to life, from concept development to production.

With a team of skilled professionals, we ensure top-quality garments that embody your brand’s essence. Partner with us for a seamless and inspiring journey into the world of fashion

The Clique Mobil Uygulama

Retail Solutions

Our Mobile Application offers a personalized shopping experience, providing customers with exclusive access to a curated selection of designer fashion brands. Through our software, we enable customers to discover and connect with high-end fashion labels, ensuring they can access these brands under favorable conditions. 

With our Mobile Application, we aim to revolutionize the way customers engage with designer fashion, making it easier for them to explore and shop for premium clothing brands with just a few taps on their mobile devices.

We have over +100 corporate member brands  +10000 exclusive customers on our platform

You can contact us for a wide range of collaborations such as placing wholesale or individual orders for our brands in your country, introducing your brands to the Turkish market, featuring YLL brands in your store, or designing and manufacturing your own collection

Вы можете связаться с нами для широкого спектра сотрудничества, такого как оптовые или индивидуальные заказы наших марок в вашей стране, представление ваших марок на турецком рынке, размещение марок YLL в вашем магазине или разработка и производство вашей собственной коллекции. 

 فردية لماركاتنا في بلدكم، وإدخال ماركاتكم إلى السوق التركية، وعرض ماركات YLL في متجركم، أو تصميم وتصنيع مجموعتكم الخاصة.

Vous pouvez nous contacter pour un large éventail de collaborations, telles que passer des commandes en gros ou individuelles pour nos marques dans votre pays, introduire vos marques sur le marché turc, présenter les marques YLL dans votre magasin ou concevoir et fabriquer votre propre collection.

Puoi contattarci per una vasta gamma di collaborazioni, come effettuare ordini all’ingrosso o individuali per le nostre marche nel tuo paese, introdurre le tue marche sul mercato turco, presentare le marche YLL nel tuo negozio o progettare e produrre la tua collezione.

Sie können uns für eine Vielzahl von Kooperationen kontaktieren, wie zum Beispiel Groß- oder Einzelbestellungen für unsere Marken in Ihrem Land aufgeben, Ihre Marken auf dem türkischen Markt einführen, YLL-Marken in Ihrem Geschäft präsentieren oder Ihre eigene Kollektion entwerfen und herstellen lassen.

Você pode entrar em contato conosco para uma ampla gama de colaborações, como fazer pedidos no atacado ou individuais para nossas marcas em seu país, introduzir suas marcas no mercado turco, apresentar as marcas YLL em sua loja ou projetar e fabricar sua própria coleção.


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If you wish to exhibit our brands in your stores, place wholesale orders from your country, or have your brand featured on our shopping platform, please contact us for further information.